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Testimonials for Car & Quest

Dean - 2013 Mini Cooper S Convertible

Hi Amer - wanted to let you know how happy I am with my 2013 Mini Cooper S Convertible purchase earlier this month. The car is more fun than I imagined! Not only did you sell me an awesome car in beautiful condition at a great price, but my wife and I have never had more fun purchasing a car as we did conversing with you and your lovely daughter! We will definitely come see you first the next time we are in the market - maybe one of those Land Rover LR4s! Thanks again and see you in the future!   Dean 

Anthony R. - 2013 Mercedes Benz SL550

Hi Everyone at Car & Quest, I just wanted to thank you for the most pleasurable car buying/financing experience I've been through in my life. I purchased the 2013 Mercedes SL 550 and enjoying the new ride!!! Your entire staff (family) was very welcoming, greeted me with a smile and genuine in their efforts to make this experience as easy as possible. 

Anamarys Rodriguez - 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara

THANK YOU! Everyone at Car & Quest made this life changing moment very easy and most welcoming. I not only adore my new Jeep, but highly appreciate the smooth process. I will always remember how pleasant and stress free this experience was. Thank you for all you do, until next time.

Leila Jammal - 2015 BMW 640I Convertible & 2012 Range Rover HSE

Thank you so much for assisting me in the trade in of my two former vehicles -Ford Flex and BMW and purchasing 2 new vehicles- Range Rover and BMW. Both cars are fantastic and give me flexibility for my business and personal needs. The warmth and professionalism I received made this the best car buying experience ever and your espresso was greatly appreciated each time. I have been stopped a few times already from inquirers about the cars and have given Car and Quest a heartfelt endorsement!

Jerome Henin - 2013 Bentley GTC Convertible

Amer, I am writing a long time overdue testimonial for your web site . It has been now almost 10 years that I, for the first time, stopped by Car and Quest dealership. I met Amer Sultan who basically very quickly became a friend. I was not a buyer at this time but just intrigued by this dealership displaying beautiful cars that I just wanted to see. The owner Amer and I just spoke about cars of course as I love them, but very quickly about our life time experiences as small businesses owners, immigrants, culture, family values etc.… It was during the financial recession we all went through and we had many additional times together just to talk about anything, having a drink etc.….We helped each other sharing our thoughts how to survive financially during that time in 2009 going through the financial recession.. Amer understood my passion for cars as I own many cars from Aston martin to Rolls Royce, Bentley , and everything you can think of. As such and rather than trying to sale me cars, Amer became the best adviser I could hope for. Sure he ended up selling me multiple Mercedes, Bentley, BMW’s etc. for my family members and for my employees. He also was able to negotiate for me the sale of some unique Brands and Models that I did not want anymore. In any transaction, the deal has been perfect as far as product, value, yet keeping this family friendship atmosphere that you cannot find anywhere else. Thank you Amer for your exceptional value as a car dealer, but more importantly for your friendship and making all of us part of your family. Jerome Henin President HENIN Group

Bob and Christy - 2013 Mercedes C250

Dear Sultan Family, Quick note to say how my wife and I truly enjoyed our recent buying experience at Car and Quest! From taking the car on a test drive thru to the paper work, the process was virtually seamless. What a team you have! Oh, by the way, it's great car. Thanks again. Bob and Christy Winter Park, FL

Gary - 2011 Jaguar XJL

Car and Quest I wanted to take the time to express our sincere thanks to Amir and his family for making our car buying experience the best we've ever had. Recently, my wife and I saw a beautiful Jaguar XJL parked on the lot of Car and Quest located in Winter Park, FL. It was a late Sunday afternoon and the dealership wasn't open at the time so we went home and emailed an inquiry. The next day, I spoke to the owner and he invited me and my wife up from Melbourne, FL for a test drive. When we arrived, they had the car waiting and greeted us as if they had known us for years. They handed us the key and told us to enjoy the drive. Needless the say, if you like Jaguars the car sells itself but what made us buy it on the spot, was the degree to which Amir and his family treated us like valued customers. I have bought many cars over the years and absolutely despise going to dealerships. Even when you get a deal that you like, it still feels like selling your sole to the devil and something is bound to go wrong. Not here!! There was no pressure at all to buy and the customer service was the best we have ever had. To add, I asked Amir if he could keep my other car there until I made space in my garage for the new car. He said yes but that if I wanted to sell it, he would keep it on consignment for me until I was ready to come pick it up. That way if I didn't want to keep 4 cars, one would be taken care of. To my surprise, within 2 days, another customer saw my car and made an offer I couldn't refuse. This was because Amir negotiated a fantastic deal that made me and the buyer extremely happy. I just recently had the car serviced by a certified Jag dealer and they informed me that the car is in excellent condition. We couldn't be happier with the entire experience. This is not some paid testimonial, I am a real customer and now a lifelong Car and Quest customer. If you don't believe it, go and experience their service for yourself. Gary Melbourne, FL

Brett - 2014 BMW 428i Convetible M Package

"I had been shopping for a new luxury car for over a month. I typically go for one or two year old cars when purchasing as long as the cars are in pristine condition because it makes financial sense. I spent a month shopping certain luxury cars online and visiting various dealerships until finally locating an amazing BMW i428 Sport Convertible being sold by Car and Quest. All I can say is after speaking with Amer and family I had an immediate sense of old school honest friendly business. He worked with me on my trade-in, navigated all of the details and the car was amazing. Overall they made the entire transaction painless and an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend Car and Quest and plan on making them my go to!" - Brett

Dr. Willy - 2009 Mercedes SL550

Amer, Just got home as the delivery truck pulled up. You were right, it is perfect! Love the color. Can't believe how clean the interior is. Went for a test ride, definitely more powerful than my 500. Money well spent. A pleasure working with you. Willy

Karl - 2011 Range Rover HSE Luxury

Dear Amer, Good morning I hope this email finds you in good health, and that you and your family are well. I would like to take this opportunity to write to you about our recent purchase form yourself and your dealership Car & Quest. I find to many times people only take pen to paper (or as in this case with the digital world type an email) when they have a complaint or when they want something for free etc. I hope you continue to read as this is far far from a complaint. This is the second vehicle we have purchased form you and I can guarantee that it will not be the last. About three years ago we made our first purchase and it was a Mercedes SL 500, we drove this car and loved it, never had any issues with it or needed any major repairs. The car was everything that you said it was when we made our purchase. We have found you and your dealership to be completely honest and your integrity level to be the highest possible. When we were in your office and we were getting down to the numbers again your level of professionalism was the highest possible, no silly games no playing with the numbers etc etc. You make car buying what it should be, a pleasant experience, and actually joyful to do, making the complete process painless and simple. We would also like to thank your daughter who not once, but twice needed to change the paperwork because of the additional deposit, and the additional discount you gave us. She had already prepared all the paperwork, then had to redo it, without any complaints or sighs, she simply made the changes and was actually happy to do it. We would truly like you to know how happy we are with our new vehicle, and actually look forward to making another purchase with you in the future. When our car needs to be updated or even adding another vehicle we will 100% be coming to you. Yours truly, karl J Fisher

Shelby & Zach - 2011 BMW X3 M package

Dear Sultan Family, Zach and I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for absolutely bending over backwards to get me in a safe car immediately following the demise of my old one. I appreciate all of the guidance, patience, and the late hours you kept while I went back and forth and couldn't decide, in typical Shelby fashion! We are very blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with you guys, and I hope you know how much we appreciate and cherish your family! Thanks again for everything! Shelby & Zach

Nick P. - 2014 Porsche Panamera

This is my third car I have purchased at Car and Quest. I have built such a strong rapport with Father Amer and son Zak. Love that they are a family owned and driven business. They have bent over backwards to get me in what I want, but also give me the best deal I could research. Extremely friendly, and knowledgable. I would strongly recommend them to anyone in search of their next dream car. THanks guys! -Nick

Matt A. - 2011 BMW 328i M-package

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderfully pleasant car buying experience! We had been shopping around for a BMW convertible for weeks and came across you guys. We were admittedly a little hesitant at first, (you know what they say about used car salesmen) but we went in anyway. We came in prepared, guns blazing, ready for battle. Then we met Zak. He showed us the car and (surprisingly) immediately pointed out what was wrong with it. It was something so small I can't remember (or even find weeks later) what it was. He directed us around downtown and not once attempted to "sell" us the car. Needless to say we were pleased. We came back and were prepared (with gloves on) to negotiate. Amer came out and looked at the car and offered us more than what Audi offered for our trade in. I felt like we just kept winning. I thought to myself how much longer can this place stay in business? Then I found they've been family owned for the better part of 3 decades. They conduct business honestly and couldn't be happier with my experience. If you guys ever come across an Audi R8. I'll make the drive from Atlanta. Best wishes! Matt A.

Alex K. - 2012 Range Rover HSE

Hey Zak, Amer & Fam, I would like to send my deepest gratitude for the service, patience, honesty, and integrity with which I was provided during my vehicle purchase. This was my first time purchasing from a non-franchise, large dealership and I will never go back. Certain stigmas are often attributed to smaller, pre-owned dealerships that had left me weary in past. However, at Car & Quest the family owned and operated environment is supremely evident and I truly appreciate the way I was treated like a person, more so, a friend, and not a number. I know my sale was extremely trying and taxing due to the financing issues that we experienced. Thank you so much for the wherewithal to commit to my circumstance and work through it with me. You have earned my business for many years to come. I will spread the word to all my friends and family and promote your dealership as strongly as possible. Warm Regards

Tony and Amber - 2012 Mercedes C350

Hi Amer and family _ Thank you so much again for the car, and baby gift. It was really a good experience in a stressful (but blessed) time in our lives. Hopefully we will see you again soon. Tony

Jim - 2011 Lexus RX350

Amer ~ I just want to reinforce my gratitude for your exceptional service in finding the perfect car for Betty. We could not be more delighted with the Lexus which was in “showroom” condition. I talked with Glenn & Hope yesterday and told them how pleasant it was to sit down in your office with you on Saturday and meet some of your wonderful family and chat about our close mutual friends, the Coleman’s. You obviously have earned a sterling reputation in a business where that is a rarity. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks again. Jim

Ms. C - 2010 Mercedes E350

To Amer, Carrie and Family: I have known Amer and Carrie for 25 years. I have bought cars and trucks from Car & Quest. It all started when he had the small dealership on Goldenrod Road. My daughter attended Faith Christian Academy on Goldenrod and I met Amer while waiting for my daughter to complete her rehearsal for the state's spelling bee. I soon met his wife and one of his kids, we instantly became friends. I have lived in five countries and over 12 different cities and states and wherever I live, and whatever I want to drive, I call Amer and he finds me more than I asked for and at the best prices. I describe to him all the gadgets and frills that I want and Amer ensures that I get the safety and security that I need. He is not my salesman, he is my friend. He is a good husband to Carrie and a great father to his five kids and has the best car dealership that I know of. The 2010 white E 350 that I just bought looks better than the comparable 2013 that I saw at the other Benz Dealership; and I saved over 25 thousand dollars for basically the same car. It is classy and comes with the manufacturer's warranty. Amer and Carrie, here's to another great 25 years of friendship.God Bless!

Robert T. - 2011 Audi A8

Hi Amer & Sultan Family, just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the excellent service you provided when I bought my Audi in May. Not many car dealers take the time to fix all of the problems that can be found before the sale happens. I certainly appreciated your willingness to ensure that the car I purchased was up to the top standards. You certainly went out of your way to ensure I had the best experience. Your son Iash took exceptional care in cleaning and detailing my new Audi. You and your family are the BEST!

Jordan J. Kim - 2005 Mercedes-Benz SL500

Car & Quest Thank you to Zak Sultan and his team at Car & Quest for the great service and sale of my new car. If buying a car could be this easy all the time!! Will ce back again!

Dennis S. - 2010 Mercedes-Benz E350

I'm a repeated customer of Car & Quest, they are my family. Car & Quest sells luxury automobiles that are clean, dependable and affordable for all of your driving needs. When looking for automobiles start at Car & Quest , they have a great selection. When I purchase my next luxury automobile it will be a Car & Quest automobile, you can bank on it! Dennis S.

Tanya - 2005 LandRover FreeLander

Zak- I know that I have told you before but I wanted others to know how wonderful my first experience purchasing a vehicle out of state was and it was all because of you. I live in Kentucky and had reservations at first not knowing what to expect and if purchasing a vehicle out of state would be safe. I was so afraid of being taken advantage of especially not be able to see the vehicle face to face or even to test drive it. Well, I took a leap of faith and I am so glad that I did. Zak Sultan was absolutely wonderful! He not only made me feel comfortable by being sympathetic to my reservations but he also made me feel very much at ease by sending me information regarding my vehicle on a regular basis. Zak also sent me invoices where he had a mechanic make sure that it was in great condition before I purchased it. I truly felt like he was a dear friend who had only my best interest at heart and will always consider him as one. That's how Zak makes you feel! I would absolutely recommend this fine dealership to anyone who might be weary of buying a vehicle from another state. Thank you again Zak for your wonderful service. I am in love with this beautiful vehicle! It is even better in person that what I saw on your website! No wonder you have so many satisfied customers. You guys are awesome! Sincelery, An Extremely Happy Customer Tanya Brown

Alyssa G - 2008 Mercedes C350

Purchasing a Car and Quest was very a pleasant experience. Zak was very helpful and explained everything step by step, he even took the time to help me set up my Bluetooth. At car and quest I did not feel the pressure to purchase a vehicle, the way i did from other dealerships. I've had my car for about 3 months and have nothing but good things to say about it. I will definitely purchase my next car from them and highly recommend.

Cori R - 2007 Toyota 4Runner X-SP

Car and Quest has been the go-to location for my personal car needs. The Sultan family worked with me to determine exactly what I wanted, spent as much time as necessary finding a perfectly matched car, and then ensured that the car exceeded my expectations. They were very willing to work with me financially, and helped me get into the car of my dreams... twice! I'll forever be indebted to the Car and Quest team for their wonderful attention to service, and vow to be a C&Q repeat customer for life! -Cori R.

Bill W - 2006 Porsche 911 S

Zak I am really enjoying the 2006, 911 Porsche Carrere S, I purchased from your Dealership. As you know I am very meticulous with my vehicles, and this one will be no exception. The car is everything you promised and more. I want to thank you for your assistance in purchasing the vehicle and I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for a Quality Used Luxury Car that they see your inventory before the purchase anywhere else. Thanks again, Bill

Juddy - 2007 Mercedes E350

We purchased a 2007 Mercedes Benz 350E from Car and Quest in October, 2010. Everyone at this business has been so professional and efficient and has made this purchase a pleasure for us. We love our car and when needed, we will buy our future cars here also! JB Ocala, Fl

Heather S - 2007 BMW X3 3.0 M-Package

Without question, the car buying experience at Car and Quest was professional and efficient. Their assistance in finding me the car that I want was their number one priority without feeling pressured. The transition out of one car into another was easy. The family owned business is a blessing to our area and wish all other dealerships could have the same mentality. Thanks Amer and Zak for making it a great experience and look forward to working with you in all my car buying needs. Heather S.

Lynn and Garrett - 2007 Range Rover Sport Supercharge

Garrett and I just wanted to thank you for all your assistance on our behalf in purchasing the 2007 Range Rover recently. You truly went above and beyond what any other dealership would have done. Failure was not an option and you made it happen. You can rest assured when the time comes to purchase another vehicle Car and Quest will be our first and only stop. Again thanks, Lynn and Garrett

Wanda - 2004 Mercedes CLK320

Wanda – 2004 Mercedes CLK320 To The Sultan Family, I would like to thank everyone for the friendly customer service provided during my car-buying experience. I have driven by Car & Quest daily on my commute to work and observed the various luxury models while only imagining myself owning one. Well, that day came in May, 2013 when I saw the luxury car of my dreams sitting on the lot; the staff at Car & Quest made the purchasing process a stress-free and expeditious experience. Lastly, I would like to extend a personal heartfelt “thank you” to Zak for his patience and diligence. Everyone was extremely accommodating and for that, I highly recommend Car & Quest to anyone who desires a luxury automobile.

Jason - 2009 LandRover LR3

Amer, Zak and Family- I just want to say thanks again for the best car buying experience I've ever had for the purchase of our 2009 Land Rover LR3. As someone who works in the automotive field, it was refreshing to work with you guys since you actually know cars and clearly have a passion for them, and aren't just trying to make a deal. It was the first time I have bought a car where I knew less about it than the person selling it. I've never had a car buying experience go as smoothly as this one, and I've bought 11 cars in the last 14 years. It's nice to not have to feel like I'm teaching the salesman about the car he's trying to sell! Jason

Keston S - 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe

Zak and Amer, I wanted to thank you for all your help in getting me into the RIGHT car. Even with my tight budget you were willing to work with me, and find me something that I am very very happy with. You were very kind and friendly, I can't thank you guys enough for your help. Sincerly, your costumer for life.

Paula Gilgen & Bernie Schneider - 2003 Jaguar S-Type

Amer Sultan and Family: Photo enclosed from Easter Sunday 3-31-13. Paula is very pleased with her 2003 Jaguar S-Type purchased from Car and Quest on 3-27-13. The car is a dream to drive and Paula receives many admiring comments about the style and luxury of the Jaguar. It has been a pleasure to meet the Sultan family and given the opportunity to purchase a fine automobile from your outstanding collection. We look forward to keeping in touch and perhaps buying another in the future. Thanks for your support in helping us with our quest for a quality automobile. Paula Gilgen & Bernie Schneider The Villages, Florida